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Daniel Deardorff is a "Singer" in the old sense of the word, which involves being a musician, a storyteller, and a maker of ritual. He has been a composer and a performing artist for more than four decades. As an independent scholar of myth Deardorff's emphasis is on associativity and the performative aspects of mythic expression. He is the author of The Other Within: The Genius of Deformity in Myth, Culture, & Psyche. He is also the founder of The Mythsinger Foundation and the Mythsinger Consortium an online community devoted to myth, ritual, and the mythopoeic arts.

The Dog and the Paraclete

“There is no greater suffering than the suffering of meaningless wounds.” I’ve said these words hundreds of times. The meaning making capacities of myth and ritual lead us out of passivity and victimhood. I have devoted myself to this premise … Continue reading

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Healing Identity & the Survival of Asynchrony

The brooding effort of the beginning, the surprise that abruptly cuts across it, the meaning-bestowing understanding that links the unintended back into the plot by assigning it its proper place, are elements playing into the style of the whole continuity … Continue reading

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Archegestic Resonance, Rites of Passage, and the Dancing Ground of Radical Uncertainty

The biologist Nikolaas Tinbergen investigated instinctual responses to particular “stimuli”; response behaviors arising neurologically from, what he termed “innate releasing mechanisms.” As a simple example, we know that human infants are biologically prepared to learn language. The stimuli provided in … Continue reading

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The Mythopoeic Intelligence

“Anthropologists, who spend their lives immersed in cultures different from their own, have called attention to the parochialism of the Western view of intelligence. Some cultures do not even have a concept called intelligence, and others define intelligence in terms … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Married Coyote

“The world as it existed for the first man still exists. It taunts us & breaks into our dreams. The poet dares to face it without hope & to create from pure desire, from pure love, the world as it … Continue reading

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